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An Unexpected Pilgrimage

In an hour and a half, I am leaving to return to my favourite place in the world since childhood.  The last time I visited, it had been 17 years since I last set foot there.  I had  given up my dream of ever seeing it again, let alone living there, when suddenly I was […]

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Although it’s not been overtly stated, St Columba is extremely special to me. This very blog was named in honour of him, and in hope of one day emulating him.  He was trained in his youth by a Christian Bard and Theologian called Gemman.  He loved the Psalms, often repeating all 150 in a single […]

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The Celtic way of pilgrimage “Peregrinatio pro Christo” (Exile for Christ) was usually not about reaching a destination the way most pilgrimages are, but recognising the external  journey itself as a means of progressing on one’s internal journey, the only real destination of which is to reach “the place of our resurrection” when we leave […]

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