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I’m not much for computer games these days, but in my younger years I enjoyed a few of them. My best one was Sid Meier’s Civilization, a game where you could start from scratch with a group of settlers and explore and settle the world.  You decided what technology to pursue, what religion to pursue, […]

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Bless My Enemies, O Lord

Enemies have driven me into your embrace more than friends have. Friends have bound me to earth, enemies have loosed me from earth and have demolished all my aspirations in the world. Enemies have made me a stranger in worldly realms and an extraneous inhabitant of the world. Just as a hunted animal finds safer […]

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Motivated by LOVE

I heave a sigh of relief as many ‘demands’ on my time, mostly self-inflicted, are now complete. I almost didn’t have time for that sigh. When one or two of said demands were still just ‘almost’ done, I very nearly committed myself, or committed TO myself, to begin a new track, a new thing – […]

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Walking in the Holy Hush of Snow

Today I walked in snow so thick the mountains are invisible. A holy hush filled the air as I walked through water.  Against the backdrop of old pines, individual and clumps of snowflakes were distinct.  Where they had already gathered to some depth, they were still clear as they danced within a foot of me, […]

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Moon Meditation *01/2012

Last night was the full moon.  At four a.m. its light glinted off frozen raindrops on the wild plum trees before streaming over my bed.  The cold light was bright enough to cast shadows, fashioning an inverse-daylight I found enchanting. Later in the morning, seven thirty, I drove home from various family chauffeuring errands and […]

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