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In an hour and a half, I am leaving to return to my favourite place in the world since childhood.  The last time I visited, it had been 17 years since I last set foot there.  I had  given up my dream of ever seeing it again, let alone living there, when suddenly I was presented with the means so go, and I went.

It was delightful and life changing, despite some trying circumstances.  Now again, I am suddenly presented with means to go, again in trying circumstances.

In many ways I feel woefully unprepared.  The requirements of my home life plus all the physical preparations and regular practices didn’t allow for long reflection and spiritual preparation in the short time leading to now.  What was done, was done ‘in the midst’.

Perhaps this was helpful to keep me from over-analysing and planning.  Perhaps I can choose for this to be more of an ‘in the moment’ time, open to the blessings of what is, rather than a fully premeditated venture with specific goals and expectations.

Perhaps the basic preparation I have done is enough to keep the time centred, but fluid and able to take in the unexpected.

Perhaps it will be more of an unexpected pilgrimage than I even expect!

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