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In imageMarch, I became a Novice monk in the familia Columba I now hyphenate my name to “Quinn-Columba”, and am consecrating more of my time/life  to practice Psalmody and silence and mindful work and other daily spiritual pursuits.

I also began, despite former misgivings, to wear a scapular over my very small wardrobe.  It is, above all, a sign and reminder to me, to be who I really am.  Amazing how difficult it can be to remember identity in the midst of filling various roimageles!

Clothes do not make the person, but they can give a clue and I need all the help I can get!

It’s been long enough now that I don’t feel quite right without it, even at home when it needs washing.  My not always observant dear husband even notices something is ‘off’ when my scapular is not ‘on’, and the kids just think it’s cool.

Despite the comfort it gives me, it is still a daily choice that is sometimes easier than others.  Authenticity has a cost in a peer-oriented world.  Compared with the persecutions so many endure worldwide, such a minor thing is laughable.  Remembering this is a good challenge to accept whatever comes with grace.

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