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I’m not much for computer games these days, but in my younger years I enjoyed a few of them.

Jesus and John the Beloved, by John Giuliani

Jesus and John the Beloved, by John Giuliani

My best one was Sid Meier’s Civilization, a game where you could start from scratch with a group of settlers and explore and settle the world.  You decided what technology to pursue, what religion to pursue, types of government and what amenities to put in your cities.  I was good at the game, preferring a technical advancement victory to battling other civilizations.

I first played it in 1995, and they kept putting out new versions, most of which I played.   One version allowed you to customise your religion of choice, and give it a name.

When I played that game, I’d choose Christianity as the religion, but re-name it ‘Belovedness’.  No, it’s not a real word, but it should be.

Perhaps Christianity could do with a re-branding.  It seems the message that the world at large perceives from Christianity is far from one of love.  But I think that is the biggest message on the heart of God today – to communicate that we, each of us, are His beloved.

Like Brennan Manning, I think that being Beloved of God is the chief thing that we need to know about ourselves, and each other.   When we allow for our own belovedness, we can start to accept some of the glorious things he says about who we are in Christ.  This opens us to receive his love.  And when we can receive and keep on receiving that profound truth “I am beloved of God”, then that love can pour through us in ways that really matter.

This is how we can see through the eyes of God.  If we start to call and think of one another as Beloved, it reminds us that people are not the enemy – only the enemy is the enemy.  People, each of them, whether they love him back or beloved-brennanmanningnot, is the apple of God’s eye.

Think about it.  Beloved me.  Beloved you.  Beloved (insert name of your boss).  Beloved (difficult neighbour).  Beloved (sweat shop worker). Beloved Vladimir Putin.  Beloved Miley Cyrus.

How would this perspective change how we think and speak and act toward ourselves and everyone else?

How about we try it and find out?


2 Responses to “Belovedness”

  1. Frank Jean says:

    Thank you. Yes, I need to be reminded for myself and to see others in this way. God is love and loves each one of us. It’s easy to point a finger at Miley Cyrus and others. But, we are the same. Messing up inwardly away from the spotlight, but God loves us anyway. My wife’s name, Amy, means “beloved”. I sometimes call her that. Need to ser orhers, all others as beloved. Thanks for sharing Quinn.

  2. Victoria Winn says:

    Hi Quinn, nice sharing with you in the Alpha group: Engaging with God. I am enjoying your thoughts. Here is a place that you can see some of my current work.