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Walking the earth, but seeing beyond the veil.

Walking the earth, but seeing beyond the veil.

Although it’s not been overtly stated, St Columba is extremely special to me.

This very blog was named in honour of him, and in hope of one day emulating him.  He was trained in his youth by a Christian Bard and Theologian called Gemman.  He loved the Psalms, often repeating all 150 in a single night.  Many of his prayers are also poems or songs, and are recorded.  He was extremely musical and had a powerful voice.  He was extremely mystical and aware of the unseen.  He had an intimate sense of God’s presence, which he expressed often in relation to nature.

Walking Iona, with the powerful sea winds and arresting topography, I found greater understanding of his prayers and his heart.  It was easy to identify with his favourite term for God, “Lord of the Elements”.

My favourite prayer of his, which I use regularly in meditation, sprang to life as walked in places that would likely have influenced it.  As photos become available (still having technical difficulty getting them into WordPress from iPhoto)  I will share them with the prayer.  But here are just the words for now, as I loved and breathed them long before going to Iona.

Lord, You are my island
in Your bosom I rest

You are the calm of the sea
in that peace I lie

You are deep waves of the ocean
in their depth I stay

You are the smooth white strand of the shore
in its swell, I sing

You are the ocean of life that laps my being
in You is my eternal joy!

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