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I am back from my pilgrimage to Iona now, and back more fully into my life.  The great upheaval in my life since my Dad died in May begins to abate, and I look forward to a more stable and consistent presence here on the website and in connection to my fellow monks from here on.

I’m planning to do a number of posts about my Iona pilgrimage, and I’d wanted to include pictures but apparently there’s an issue with that at the moment!  What  I can show now is a 3 minute video of me dancing before the Lord in Iona Abbey.  You can see me do a double-take when I notice someone is watching and recording!  My dance is intended as an act of worship, not performance, so I hope it turns your heart toward our awesome Creator as you watch.  I’m told it is more effective watched at full screen.  I normally smile more while dancing, but I was a little sad at the time.



2 Responses to “Back from Iona Pilgrimage”

  1. Frank Jean says:

    Thank you for sharing. Would love to hear about your experiences & discoveries. When you departed for Iona, I researched various sites on line to get more knowledge of where you were heading. May our journey in pursuing Christ never end.

  2. Quinn says:

    Hi Frank,

    That’s so interesting. I deliberately did NOT look at the various places online before going so I could experience it ‘live’ first instead of thinking ‘oh, I’ve already seen that’. Sadly I missed one thing I would have liked to have seen. I was in the vicinity of the Hill of the Angels, but couldn’t identify which one it was on my own. If I’d looked in advance, that would have helped!