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If Cave is the place of solitude, and Road is engaging in the world where the life of faith is lived out, then Refectory is the space in which stories are shared, and community is lived   ~Ian Adams

In monasteries of old was the Refectory, a place to nourish body and soul through simple food and

Vaulted Monks' refectory, Fountains Abbey, Yor...

Vaulted Monks’ refectory, Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

fellowship with other monastics. MonkandBard.com will soon be hosting the Refectorium, literally “the place one goes to be restored” for registered Monks of Viriditas to meet and connect as desired.


We trust it will be a blessing!

Ian Adam’s book,  Cave Refectory, Road is being added to my amazon wishlist

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