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Quinn at the beach with the Reverie II, October 2012

Yesterday was the first time my Reverie II harp was recorded.  It was done in a church sanctuary with good dynamics, and I think it went well.

I do not play ‘songs’ on the Reverie harp.  Strung on a pentatonic scale, it creates beautiful ambient music no matter how it is played.   Each time it is a spontaneous expression.  There are combinations that I often repeat, because they are part of the constant song within me.  With a small, predictable range of notes, it is always the same and also never the same.  That works well with the Celtic love of paradox.

Although we hadn’t planned it, my husband Jack joined me on guitar in a set or two, which adds a whole different dimension.  It was fun to make music together, and since there wasn’t a specific outcome we were trying to achieve, it took a lot less time than a ‘normal’ recording session.

I hope to soon put up a sample or two before long!


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