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Last night was the full moon.  At four a.m. its light glinted off frozen raindrops on the wild plum trees before streaming over my bed.  The cold light was bright enough to cast shadows, fashioning an inverse-daylight I found enchanting.

Later in the morning, seven thirty, I drove home from various family chauffeuring errands and it was back, although the sky had lightened.   Closer to us, large now and a gentle ivory, it hung between the mountains for a brief glorious view…I wish I could capture it.

The moon has always beguiled me.  As a teen in the eighties I wrote a surprising poem likening the demystifying of the feminine psyche by the feminist movement to the violation of the mystery and allure surrounding the moon by space craft landing on it, relegating all her splendour and majesty to the realm of mere science.  Thankfully I have let that go now, and enjoy moon gazing without angst.  More than that, I find moon gazing brings me closer to God.

I love that although its light is a reflection of the sun, the moon maintains its own distinct quality.  I find profound spiritual similes in this.  As the moon reflects the sun, I reflect Jesus – not a mirror-image, but through the lens of who I am, He shines.

As the moon moves through its phases to the full, so I engage in the process of living, developing that reflection until one day, I hope, to reveal the One who is one with me in fulness.

Even  waxing and waning bear out in extended metaphor,  for is not part of my process coming near to that fulness, and then losing ground before returning, stronger, closer than ever to reaching the full?  The brightness of Jesus, like the sun does not change or fade.  How much of Him I capture and reflect depends on how I have oriented myself toward Him.  There are times that He shows in my life not at all, when pain or frustration steals my attention.  But this is temporary, and as I refocus, bit by bit He shines through again.

So I love and bless my ‘sister in creation’, the moon, as St Francis put it, and I am thankful for the beauty of the lessons God has put in creation.


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