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Quinn Columba Friesen, Monk of Viriditas

Quinn Columba

I came from an Evangelical church background to embrace a contemplative Celtic monastic lifestyle.  I’ve had a heart for God since early childhood, and spent three summers serving God overseas with Teen Missions International which had a profound impact.

Attending Briercrest Bible College for two years (taking biblical studies), I then married  in 1993, and still taking the sunshine and the rain of life with my beloved J.  I home schooled our three children for 10 years, and have only another year or two with my younger children at home.

Losing my health in 2009, I did a lot of re-defining myself as a child of God rather than basing my identity on ‘doing’.  In 2011 when my health returned and children were in regular school, I discovered Celtic Christianity and felt my spirit come alive in a new way.    I feel I’ve only scratched the surface, but as it’s been such a blessing to me, I  have this site so others of like mind might also discover it.

I have been a worship leader with my husband, but I prefer to worship among the elements.  I am known to sing, and ‘dance, then, wherever I may be’.

I am certified in Permaculture Design,  a system based on the ethics of care of people, care of the earth, and sharing the surplus.  I live in British Columbia with my husband and two children still at home.


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