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Fn ressurectionBecause He LivesI’ve begun taking a First Nations course at the local community college this year.  I’ve always been drawn to First Nations people, and fascinated by the overlap between Celtic and North American Aboriginal cultures.

I am specifically drawn to express God’s love to this people group, and following Celtic Christian evangelism principles (rather than colonial evangelism), finding the common ground is a priority, so I need to learn more.

I do not hold with Christians fearing other spiritualities.  God HAS written His laws on the hearts of all people.  He does long for relationship with every people group, and does draw all people to himself.  And so while all of their ways of seeking God may not appear comfortable to me, it is my job to look closer, to ask questions, to discern where in their seeking they are being led by the Spirit of God and encourage them in that path.

Basically, so long as a cultural practice is not renouncing Jesus,  is not worshipping any but the one true God, we, comfortable or not, can legitimately participate in it.

Don’t get me wrong – Columcille and Patrick and other fiery Celtic Saints never shied from having power encounters with spiritual leaders opposing the message of Jesus, or denouncing cultural practices that hurt people’s spirits or bodies (and were therefore contrary to scripture).  But they wore the clothing and tonsure of the Druids, turned places of pagan worship (groves, wells, hilltops) into places of giving all glory to God and acknowledged what was already good and true in their culture.  They were culturally relevant.  Like Paul, they ‘became all things to all people that they may win some’.

I’d like to be that way, too.

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