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KingJesusI’ve been expressing my love for God through interpretive liturgical dance for 16 years, and I was invited to dance at an Advent service yesterday.  One of the songs was “Is Your Heart Prepared for a King?“.  As that refrain echoed again and again during my days of practice, I found it particularly challenging.

In the happy glow of Christmastime, the mystery and expectation, there can be a sense of awe at the cosmic significance of Heaven invading Earth through the infant Jesus.  There may be an increase in affection toward family and friends, hopefully extending outward as compassion to all humanity as we recall the down-on-their-luck Christmas family who had nowhere to stay.

Is my heart prepared for an awesome move of Creator reaching to humanity?  Yes.

Is my heart prepared to embrace the Holy Infant, so vulnerable, and make room for Him?  Yes.

These are familiar Christmas themes – but is my heart prepared for a King?  That’s something else entirely.

In our culture, Christmas is about getting what we want.  Letters to Santa detail exactly what that looks like.  There are tears if wishes are unfulfilled.

But if I welcome a King into my heart, my agenda must submit to His.  Where I think my time and resources should be spent may be different from His perspective.  But you don’t say no to a King.  You say “Yes, my Lord.”

Because if you say “No, my Lord, I’m doing it my way first/instead,” then He is not Lord.

And this of course is my goal in a lifestyle of contemplation as a monkfor my agenda to become the same as that of my Creator; to see people and situations in the way that He does.  To desire what He desires.  To engage in His nature as I go about my daily life, and in paradox, releasing my truest self as I do so.

Is my heart prepared  for a King?  Sometimes.  But ready or not, He’s already there!   I’m just so grateful that the Holy Spirit is helping me to live that truth more, as I make room for Him to work.


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