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saint DavidIt is with great joy that I welcome the longer and warmer days of early spring.  I long for fresh new things at this time of year, and even with limits to what I can do physically this way, I am enjoying a deeper and more constant ‘spring’ of life in my contemplative times with God.

I’ve wanted to post about our Easter service and other new things that are exciting to me now, but the computer loses much of its appeal when the weather is fine.  Thank you for your patience as posts are erratic at the moment.


I did want to quickly share that I have another new Celtic monk to add to my list of kindred spirits or those I aspire to follow ‘as they followed Christ’.  David of Wales founded a monastery (eventually he founded many) that accepted absolutely no outside contributions.  They did all the work needed for their own sustenance, but to an even greater degree than commonly practiced by others, they made their work an act of prayer.

The monks who joined David (Dewi, in Welsh) became known as “The Watermen”, and were described thus by those around them:

As fish live in water, so these folk live in God.

As birds fly high and carefree, so these folk move in God.

As dear run straight and graceful, so these folk run with God.

As waters flow so clearly, so these folk flow with God

As fire burns bright and fiercely, so these folk blaze for God.


What a glorious way to live!



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