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Transitions in life, however anticipated, can be very difficult.  The book below is shedding valuable light as I transition into launching my first child into adulthood.

 (click here to see it on Amazon and look inside)


A wonderful book for both the Monk and the Bard is “People and Permaculture” by Looby Macnamara.

I’m only part way through “People and Permaculture”, but getting a lot out of it.  Permaculture is a set of design principles which can be applied far beyond the garden.  One major aspect of it is Pattern Recognition.  When a pattern is recognised as part of a process,  you can know what to expect if you find yourself in that process.  This is powerful preparation!

The Process of Change

Old place :  feelings of  comfort and security, possibly boredom

Edge:  feelings of excitement and vulnerability, possibly conflict

Transition:  feelings of disorientation, instability, discomfort.  Ususally a productive time (things are happening!)

Edge:  landing, feelings of impatience to settle, challenging

New Place:  feelings of comfort, stability, relief

When we recognise all these stages as the process of change, it is easier to live with the EMOTIONS that go with them, knowing that they will PASS!

Since change is inevitable, this is valuable information!  As our family is launching our first child in the next weeks/months (no, not years!) I feel more prepared to meet those challenges.

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