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My 22 string clarsach, hand built on the Isle of Skye by William MacDonald

Well, my lovely clarsach arrived one week ago today.  It’s hard to believe it’s only been that long!  With care I have tuned, shaped my nails into plectrum and practiced for hours a day.

She was expected to arrive earlier than this, and I’m committed to playing her on  Christmas Eve ( I committed when I thought I’d have a little more time for a learning curve!).

For Christmas Eve I’ve rented the little hundred  year old church in the nieghbourhood.  We are having family over, and there isn’t room in our small home.  So once we’d rented the church, it seemed to make sense to invite the neighbourhood too.  I put up a couple posters, and a free ad on the Events page of the local newspaper.  Knowing I would at least play the Reverie Harp, I added “Live  Harp Music” to the posters.

I also know that while it sounds fantastic, the Reverie harp does not look the way people expect a harp to look.  I didn’t want to appear misleading, so adding  a song or two with the new clarsach made sense.

Music Maker's Reverie Harp

Music Maker’s Reverie Harp (Photo credit: Micah Taylor)

It was a good plan, but then it didn’t arrive.  And didn’t arrive.  Until seven days ago!

I’ve found some good youtube instruction for wire harp, and I have some beginner harp music, but I already LOVE arranging my own chords to give it just the feel and tone I want, so I’m figuring out my very own version of ‘We Three Kings‘.  I like the arrangement – I just need to be able to execute it well.  In two days.  In front of possibly more than family.

So really, instead of updating you I ought to get back to practicing….


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2 Responses to “She’s Here! Arrival of my Clarsach (ancient wire-strung harp)”

  1. Bryan Ens says:

    Congratulations on getting your harp, Quinn! I’m sure you’ll do great! I just wish I could be there to listen.