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English: Snow flakes by Wilson Bentley. Bentle...

English: Snow flakes by Wilson Bentley. Bentley was a bachelor farmer whose hobby was photographing snow flakes. ; Image ID: wea02087, Historic NWS Collection ; Location: Jericho, Vermont ; Photo Date: 1902 Winter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I walked in snow so thick the mountains are invisible.

A holy hush filled the air as I walked through water.  Against the backdrop of old pines, individual and clumps of snowflakes were distinct.  Where they had already gathered to some depth, they were still clear as they danced within a foot of me, and then merged into white air against a white landscape in the distance.  Profound thanks stirred in my heart.

It reminded me of a post I wrote around this time last year, on QuinnAinsley.com

If you’ve got snow where you are, take a few minutes to notice the miracle.

I’d forgotten how you can stand under a streetlight at night and turn your face up and see snow, fluffy and romantic, ceaseless and mesmerising.  Time feels different. The sky beyond is midnight blue, (or tinted golden by fog lights), and you can see each flake (some cluster for comfort), individuals like us, each on its own journey, falling gently into the embrace of gravity.

I stood watching until I was covered in them.  They hit my face and melted, running over my cheeks like tears.  You cannot see rain like this.  Only quiet snow. Were they like love letters?  Like angel kisses?

Like so much that we see but do not see, they were miraculous.  They pulled me out of real time, or maybe they pulled me into it. I quietly thank the Lord of the Elements for another of His abundant overtures of love to those with eyes to see.


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