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Well I haven’t got as far putting this site together as I wanted yet, as I’ve been busily putting together an eBook called Acting For Everyone.  I have a few friends who are  teachers and want to incorporate acting into their performing arts curriculum, but are intimidated by it.

Given my experiences acting, directing and teaching acting workshops  over the years, I know I have a method that works, and hopefully others can adapt it to work for them.  Here’s the ‘cover blurb’ and table of contents:

Acting for Everyone offers a systematic and fun method for teaching basic physical and vocal interactive theatre skills, applicable to all ages.  Working from a foundation of mutual respect, each new element adds another layer of ability and believability to your actors.  An advanced characterisation workshop is included for those who want to take their acting to the next level.  Certain activities are highlighted as being particularly useful for ESL facilitators and Community Care groups.



1. Getting Started

2. Theatre Games

3. Taking Mime Out of the Box

4. Physical Characterisation, Emoting and Empathy

5. Being Heard: Breathing and Projection

6. Being Understood: Enunciation and Pacing

7. Putting It Together: Adding Voice to Physical Characterisation

8. A Fairy Tale Performance: Narrating and Mime

9.  Narrating Personal Stories

10. Audition and Performance Tips

11.  Advanced Characterisation Workshop

Bonus: Lesson Plan Template with Links to Activities

Bonus:  Sample Fairy Tale adapted for Narration and Mime:  The Princess and the Frog

I’ll be working on the publishing end of it this week, and hopefully get it on the Kindle store right after Christmas.  I’m part way through it’s companion book, working title How to Direct With Confidence and Compassion:  Bringing out the Best in Every Scene and Every Actor.

I feel good about putting my experience into a form where it can bless others, especially as I’m no longer doing theatre myself.  Considering doing an acting workshop for spring break though, since a few parents have asked if I would.

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